At BFF we highly value our Community Advisors and offer the following benefits:

Flexible Hours

Being a Community Advisor allows you the flexibility and freedom of creating your own schedule for the most part.  Much of the work can be done from the comfort of your home, in the hours that are most convenient for you.  There are only a few times in which we request the honor of your presence at a certain date and time, at our monthly student gatherings and in the event of a true emergency.  The monthly student gatherings are scheduled by each local team of Community Advisors for a calendar year at a time to ensure you have plenty of time for planning.

Placement Bonuses

We offer placement bonuses for Community Advisors who place early in the season! The sooner you place, the bigger the bonus! We also have a bonus schedule for our top three placers for each placement season!

International Connections

Have you ever thought it would be great to have friends around the world?  Well here’s your chance! As you work diligently to ensure the success of each student in your care, you are creating an environment of friendship that will last a lifetime.  When you help a child have a successful experience here, you become a valued member of their extended international family and will likely remain there for years to come.


Many times the process of working with families through the process of their hosting experience fosters friendships.  The close, communicative nature of the host family / Community Advisor relationship often creates an opportunity for friendships to develop.  Based on the facts that you each have a penchant for international affairs,  you each enjoy working with children, and you each have open hearts, it’s not hard to see how friendships could materialize.