Your role as a BFF Community Advisor is incredibly important to the success of our programs.  You are the grease in the cog of our wheel!  You are our first impression makers, our solution finders, the face of BFF in your community.  It is critical that you understand the importance of your role completely. We have identified below the key components of the Community Advisor role. We appreciate you reading and considering carefully your ability to fulfill this role before applying.

  • Visit schools, create relationships with schools
  • Provide student and host family applications to schools for placement consideration
  • Obtain High School Enrollment Forms (HSEF’s) and provide to main office
  • Maintain quarterly contact with school personnel regarding current students and upcoming programs
  • Create, implement, and provide to BFF a marketing plan for your location to locate potential host families
  • Screen potential host families in accordance with BFF and DOS regulations
  • Assist host family with timely completion of application process
  • Conduct in-home interview with potential host family
  • Conduct all references checks
  • Review guidelines & expectations with host families
  • Complete all paperwork in timely manner and provide to BFF
  • Assist with host family orientations as directed by your team leader
  • Ensure that all host families under your purview attend orientation and sign proof of attendance
  • Provide individual host family orientation to families who cannot attend group sessions
  • Meet students at airport (or within 48 hours of arrival)
  • Assist with student orientation as directed by your team leader
  • Ensure that all students under your purview attend orientation and sign proof of attendance
  • Provide individual student orientations to students who cannot attend group sessions
  • Ensure all families have completed the expectations worksheet with their student, provide copy to BFF

****In the event of a student move, some items will need to be repeated with new host families

  • Utilize BFFs contact system in order to maintain regular contact with host families, students and schools
  • Physically visit with each assigned student at least every other month; contact them every other month through phone or Skype
  • Visit the host family home twice a semester, ensuring that the entire host family and student are present at least once a semester
  • Speak with the host family each month to ensure the student is acclimating & behaving within BFF guidelines & host family expectations
  • Complete Student Supervision Report (SSR) and submit to BFF office no later than the 30th of each month
  • Reports received incomplete or after the 1st day of the following month will result in 1⁄2 payments
  • Reports received after the 5th day of the following month will result in no payment
  • Assist host families and students with required travel documents
  • Assist families and students with insurance procedures as needed
  • Mediate conflicts between host family and student
  • Obtain support from BFF office and team leader when needed
  • If conflict cannot be resolved, it is the responsibility of the Community Advisor to recruit a new host family for the student (*No placement fee will be made for replacement family)
  • Monitor students’ progress in school to make sure they are maintaining a “C” grade or above in all classes
  • Assist students who are having difficulty integrating into school life and making friends
  • Assist team leader in planning & implementing monthly group activities for students
  • Assist team leader in planning & implementing mid-year orientation
  • Communicate with your assigned students and host families regarding event details, RSVPs
  • Communicate with your team leader regarding RSVPs from your group
  • Assist students and host families with travel arrangement regarding BFF sponsored trips
  • Assist team leader in the facilitation of end-of-year information session
  • Assist Brazilian students with convalidation process and Korean students with apostille process
  • Verify all medical bills have been paid before departure
  • Answer questions about departure for host families and students
  • Submit end-of-year evaluations
  • Return all phone calls/e-mails within 24 hours
  • Attend annual BFF  required trainings
  • Maintain US State Department’s annual coordinator certification
  • Remain informed of changes and updates regarding Department of State and CSIET regulations