I have so many people to thank for this amazing opportunity! The list is too long to go into individually, so suffice it to say that I am grateful to all those who are hosting us, all who helped me get ready, my daughter for accompanying me (hahahahaha), and my husband and son for holding down the fort back home! Bob, take care of my sweet Diego!
For those who may not know my story well, let me share just a little about how my life became so worldly! Ten years ago, on a whim, we hosted an exchange student and my life has never been the same. Karolin came into our lives and created a passion in me that I didn’t know existed. Since this time, we’ve hosted a total of 23 students and #24 is coming one week after we get back from this whirlwind trip! Macky, I may be still sleeping when you get here, trying to catch up from this trip!
Speaking of this trip, we will be in 12 cities in 30 days! We will visit many of our students we’ve hosted, some I’ve worked with and we will see BFF’s international partners in 4 countries as well. We are thrilled to have this opportunity to visit many people we haven’t see in a long time and some whom we’ve never met. The generosity of friends, families, and partners to make this trip possible absolutely overwhelms me!
No trip of mine would be, well . . . a trip of mine, without a few snags along the way to make it interesting. I have been working for months on BFF’s application to the Department of State for our J1 status (basically means then we can offer academic, year long programs). I was behind schedule when day turned into night yesterday. I had promised myself it would be done before I left for this trip. Well, I stayed up all night last night to finish it and want to thank my family (especially my husband) for supporting me through that crazy time. Now we wait for approval ;-).
Emily had to throw in her own drama. She had a last hurrah with friends at Tucker Lake and hurt her foot. Bob had to take her to the doc and she sustained some soft tissue damage. She should be fine in a week or so, but for now she gets to wear one flip flop and one boot! Fun times.
We hope to use this blog to keep everyone updated on our trip, share pictures, and let you live vicariously through us! Emily will be posting some and I will be posting some. Hope you enjoy it. We want to wish you all a very happy 4th of July!!! We will be thinking of our great country and its birthday while visiting Milan and enjoying all it has to offer.
First stop ~ Milan and Rubens! Cannot wait to make him hug me!
Ciao from NYC, until next time . . .