Through hosting an exchange student or visitor, you become an ambassador for peace. When these visitors come into your home, you have a beautiful opportunity to change their worldview. By allowing them this opportunity, they have a chance to change the perceptions of others in return. While sharing your culture, you also get a glimpse into theirs. This shared glimpse into one another’s worlds, this sharing of cultures is part of the extraordinary benefits of the hosting relationship.

During the program participants are expected to follow BFF regulations, as well as host family rules and expectations. During academic programs, students are encouraged to participate in their communities and volunteer some of their time, as that is an important part of the American culture.Our programs are offered to international students and adults from 12 to 50+ years old who are interested in having an international experience to help round out their educational or work experience. We accept participants only after they have been through our rigorous screening process. Student participants must prove their English proficiency, academic and social achievements, and level of maturity and skills to successfully adapt to life in the USA.

We invite you to learn about another culture today by embracing a student or professional from another culture! Please see our link, Becoming A Host Family, to learn more about how you can be involved with the program.
Borderless Friends Forever takes the safety and well-being of each participant very seriously. If you are an exchange student or visitor and have an issue, please contact your community advisor immediately. You may also contact our 24-hour hotline at 919.413.3652.