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Student Spotlight

AY24 Laith

| Libya | Age 15 | Male |

Interests:Volunteering, chess, board games, reading, cooking, anime, spending time with friends, soccer, YES 2024

Laith is family-oriented and he enjoys visiting his grandparents and playing chess with his dad. He enjoys playing sports, and currently loves horse riding. He is also organized and his favorite food is seafood. Laith is fascinated by American culture and hopes to come to the US to learn about it and share his culture. His other interests include listening to music, reading e-books, watching anime, playing soccer, and going camping. Laith is excited to study in a new school, make new friends, and respect his future host family.

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AY24 Loureen

| Palestinian Territories | Age 16 | Female |

Interests: Cinema, cook with friends and family, watching basketball, dancing, YES 2024

Loureen enjoys spending time with her family, playing sports, watching series and films, and taking dabka dancing lessons. She participates in MUN conferences and has a lot of friends. In the future, she plans to complete her university education and is considering studying languages or journalism and media. Loureen hopes to gain a global education, confidence, self-skills, make friends around the world, learn new languages, and add to her CV through exchange experiences.

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AY24 Yokutkhon

| Uzbekistan | Age 15 | Female |

Interests:Physics club, volunteering, cycling, science, experiments, reading

Yokutkhon enjoys cooking and cycling with her family. She enjoys reading and her favorite subject is chemistry. She is eager to travel and explore new places.She hopes to become a doctor or chemical engineer. She is an introvert but hopes to form a close lasting friendships and learn about American culture during an exchange program.

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AY24 Anna

| Italy | Age 16 | Female |

Interests:listening to music, baking and crocheting, skincare, arts, dance
Anna from Italy, goes to an artistic high school. She is very creative and enjoys drawing, crocheting, dancing, reading tragic love stories, and listening to music. She is a huge Taylor Swift fan. She has dreamt of being an exchange student and believes her friendly nature will help her succeed. 

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AY24 Aleksander

| Poland | Age 17 | Male |

Interests:Video recording and editing, YouTube, Collection of Legos, chess, skiing, running, spending time with family, boxing

Aleksander goes by Olek. He is from a village in Poland and loves spending time with his family. He is an only child but treats his cousins like brothers. He enjoys sports like boxing and running. He hopes to run a full marathon this year! He also enjoys skiing. He dreams of speaking English fluently by completing an exchange program in the USA. He hopes to spread happiness to his host family.

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AY24 Daria

| Poland | Age 16 | Female |

Interests:Commercial dance, Skiing, listening to music, reading books, traveling, family time

Daria is passionate about travel and dance. She anticipates an exciting adventure in the US. She hopes to follow in her fathers footsteps and embrace this chance to grow. Daria considers herself disciplined, curious, and open to new things. She looks forward to sharing her experiences, creating memories, and learning together with her host family.

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AY24 Elsa

| Germany | Age 16 | Female |

Interests:High jump, zumba, piano, science clubs, hanging with friends, high jump, reading, board games

Elsa is currently attending a science boarding school. She enjoys astronomy, chemistry, music, and spending time with friends. When at home with her family she loves board games, playing the piano, high jump, zumba, reading English books, and learning Japanese. Elsa values cultural experiences and traveling. She is open-minded, spontaneous, and excited to follow her sisters footsteps and complete an exchange year in the USA to attend an American high school, improve her English, and share her German culture.

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AY24 Elisa

| France | Age 15 | Female |

Interests: watching movies, reading, swimming, traveling, spending time with my friends, music, and gymnastic.

Elisa enjoys sports like gymnastics and swimming, and has a close relationship with her sister. She is sociable, curious, and loves discovering new things and flavors. She is a foodie and her favorite food is pasta. Elisa values family, dreams of a year-long exchange to experience new lifestyles and cultures, and appreciates the opportunity to adapt and grow.

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AY24 Clemence

| France | Age 15 | Female |

Interests:cinema, music, fashion, fitness, dance, family time, languages, diplomacy, time with friends

Clemence is hopeful about becoming an exchange student. She enjoys traveling, going to the city, dining out, visiting museums, shopping, and dancing, and spending time with her family and friends. She loves the cinema, going to events, and aspires to work in diplomacy. She enjoys learning languages and is sociable and curious. Clemence looks forward to experiencing American “high school spirit” and embrace things like HOCO and football games. 

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AY24 Lana

| Germany | Age 15 | Female |

Interests:Meeting friends, being in nature, traveling, baking, cooking, gym, nutrition, the beach

Lana describes herself as ambitious, sensitive, and a normal girl. She enjoys weight lifting, learning languages, traveling, and dreams of moving to the beach to learn surfing. She aspires to attend an American high school because of the diverse classes and is interested in learning psychology, medicine, and participate in creative classes. Lana hopes to grow personally and become more open and confident.

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AY24 Fatima

| Azerbaijan | Age 17 | Female |

Interests: Volunteering, chess, youth ambassadors, traveling, cooking, watching tv, listening to music, FLEX 2024

Fatima describes herself as sociable and curious. She loves traveling, cooking, baking, listening to music, and watching movies. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, going on walks, volunteering, and reading books. She dreams of becoming a lawyer and expanding wants to continue to expand her theater experience. Fatima looks forward to American experiences, and is most excited to share her culture through food!

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AY24 Dariia

| Ukraine | Age 17 | Female |

Interests:School parliament, volunteering, hosting English speaking clubs, listening to music, business, art, guitar, dogs, YES 2024

Darria goes by Dasha and describes herself as outgoing, creative, grateful, and excited about trying new things and this experience. She is grateful to her parents for teaching her skills like playing the guitar, drawing, cooking, and influenced her enjoyment of sports. Dasha loves art, music, and is a fan of American singers and bands. She is currently the Vice President at school and enjoys volunteering and performing in school plays. She hopes that the exchange experience will help her become a better leader.

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AY24 Saida

| Albania | Age 16 | Female |

Interests: Learning languages, mentorship club, career club, science olympiads, piano

Saida is excited to join your family. She is eager to learn about their way of life, share her culture, and help wherever possible, whether with chores or in the community. Saida loves volunteering and has a passion for learning and exploring. She enjoys playing the piano and participating in clubs. She is committed to respecting the family’s rules and offering help whenever needed.

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AY24 Gemma

| Spain | Age 15 | Female |

Interests:Listen to music, Travel, camping, family time, nature, swimming, dancing

Gemma is from a small village in Spain. Dancing and swimming are her hobbies and have been for as long as she can remember. She loves spending time with her friends and family and enjoys restful weekends. As she gets older she has grown to love camping and being outdoors with friends. She hopes to move to the US to experience new ways of life, become more independent, and learn from both positive and negative experiences.

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AY24 Hannah

| Germany | Age 16 | Female |

Interests: Reading, listening to music, baking, volleyball, shopping, family time

Hannah is grateful and excited to stay with her future host family. She describes herself as organized, independent, outgoing, active, friendly, and cooperative. She enjoys spending time with her family, especially her sister. They often enjoy activities together like cooking, eating out, and enjoying the cinema. Her biggest passion is volleyball, but her other hobbies include playing the piano, going to the gym, and skiing with her family.

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AY24 Ramazan

| Kyrgyzstan | Age 15 | Male |

Interests:Table tennis, volunteering, singing, board games, dancing, art, nature, walks, FLEX 2024

Ramazan from Kyrgyzstan is very grateful for the opportunity to stay with a host family and learn about their culture. He describes himself as an open, cheerful, and creative person who is interested in sports, drawing, being in nature, and music. He is respectful and willing to learn from their host family while contributing to their household.

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AY24 Matas

| Lithuania | Age 17 | Male |

Interests: Robotics, volunteering, bowling with friends, exercising, hosting, watching movies, playing billiards, math, economics, FLEX 2024

Matas enjoys spending time with his family and friends, traveling, music production, wakeboarding, social event planning, and exercising. He is responsible and enjoys helping his father with handy work. Matas is interested in economics, business strategy and hopes to become a business development manager. He values empathy, friendliness, inquisitiveness, and responsibility and is open to new experiences which is why he wants to participate in the exchange program. He hopes to learn about American culture, share his own culture, and make new friends.

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AY24 Olga

| Poland | Age 16 | Female |

Interests: doing nails, psychology, ballroom dancing, art, drawing, traveling, singing

Olga is a 16-year-old Polish student who is extroverted, optimistic, and open to meeting new people. She describes herself as fierce and creative. She is passionate about art because it keeps her calm and allows self-expression. She is brave, talkative, and helpful. She is skilled at ballroom dancing and enjoys traveling and road trips. She thinks this experience will be the most exciting opportunity of her life, and she promises to keep a huge smile on her host family’s face!

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AY24 Konstantin

| Germany | Age 16 | Male |

Interests: playing card games, going to the movies, soccer, hiking, being outdoors, adventure
Konstantin is hoping to follow his brother’s footsteps and go on an exchange year. He enjoys playing soccer, spending time with friends, and exploring new cultures. Konstantin is excited to form connections and share his passion for soccer and outdoor activities. He looks forward to meeting his host family and creating lasting memories.

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AY24 Konrad

| Germany | Age 15 | Male |

Interests: Sports, soccer, teamwork, music, fitness, history, documentaries, reading, producing rap music
Konrad, a German exchange student, is very grateful for the opportunity to live with an American family. He hopes to bring German traditions, especially food, and integrate into the family. He enjoys soccer and music and even produces his own rap music. Konrad is excited to immerse himself in American culture while sharing his own. 

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AY24 Ratchapol

| Thailand | Age 15 | Male |

Interests: Swimming, playing boardgames, playing badminton, listening to music, singing, dancing, drawing, skating
Ratchapol goes by Tonnum, or Ton. He enjoys eating food from his native country such as Pad Thai, Papaya salad, and Pork salad. He likes ice skating and watching movies, especially T-pop, K-pop, and pop music. Tonnum is hard-working and adapts quickly to new environments. He enjoys playing team sports and wants to be an exchange student to learn about new cultures, try new things, make foreign friends, and experience life in America.

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AY24 Oyunsaikhan

| Mongolia | Age 15 | Female |

Interests: Volleyball, music, podcasts, reading, FLEX 2024
Oyunsaikhan is a 15-year-old who lives with their parents, two younger brothers, and grandma. She enjoys listening to podcasts, music, and playing musical instruments. Oyunsaikhan’s friends prefer outdoor activities but they enjoy discussing life over hot chocolate in a cafe. Oyunsaikhan’s city is small but the people are welcoming and optimistic. She is interested in architecture, engineering, reading books, sports, and cooking. She applied to an exchange program to learn about different cultures.

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AY24 Nafisya

| Indonesia | Age 17 | Female |

Interests: Reading, self-teaching, piano, swimming, cooking, YES 2024
Nafisya, also known as Naf, is a helpful and active person who enjoys playing basketball, doing gymnastics, and listening to music. She also takes taekwondo classes, has a guitar and a keyboard, and likes watching Disney movies. Naf spends time with friends and he values family. She dreams of doing well in school and basketball. In the future, she hopes to experience American high school and sports and explore herself further.

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AY24 Imran

| Bosnia-Herzegovina | Age 17 | Male |

Interests: Basketball, waterpolo, volleyball, music, guitar, YES 2024
Imran enjoys traveling, spending time with family, doing chores, and pursuing various interests, such as movies, sports, exploration, music, and art. He also likes hanging out with friends and wants to study abroad to pursue a career in sports, architecture, or engineering. Imran describes himself as religious, relaxed, and open to new experiences, and hopes to learn about American culture and attend an American high school through the exchange program.

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AY24 Masarrah

| Jordan | Age 15 | Female |

Interests: Basketball, piano, drawing, crafting, baking, YES 2024
Masarrah translates to “Joy” in English, reflecting her bubbly and chatty personality. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, trying new things, and keeping her room clean. Her interests include basketball and music, and she plans on studying architecture or robotics. She hopes to learn about American culture and traditions and is excited to experience day-to-day life in the US.

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AY24 Youssef

| Tunisia | Age 16 | Male |

Interests: Astronomy, astrophysics, learning languages, gym training, software development, YES 2024
Youssef is an optimistic person who loves spending time with family and is very close with his sister. He is interested in foreign languages, software development, 3D design, and astrophysics. He plans to study astrophysics in university and wants to learn how to make money through side hustles. Youssef is adventurous and enjoys camping, hiking, skiing, and exploring new places. He is excited to experience American culture, visit monuments, make new friends, and hopefully see snow for the first time.

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AY24 Enea

| Kosovo | Age 16 | Female |

Interests: piano, music, tennis, travel, math, science, YES 2024
Enea is a competitive, hard-working, friendly, resilient, and open-minded person who has a passion for traveling, science, tennis, and playing the piano. She received the honor for the highest GPA in school and hopes to study medicine. Enea wants to gain new experiences and live the “American dream” by attending an American school and becoming more independent.

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AY24 Yusuf

| Germany | Age 16 | Male |

Interests: Soccer, video games, traveling, basketball
Yusuf is a social, open-minded person who enjoys interacting with people and animals. He lives with his family and enjoys playing soccer, the guitar, and video games in his free time. He loves traveling, and the principles of the USA fascinate him. He is very interested in American culture and hopes to enjoy American restaurants, schools, suburban neighborhoods, and shopping at Target or Walmart.

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AY24 Karla

| Spain | Age 16 | Female |

Interests: singing, ukulele, guitar, piano, sports, boxing
Karla is from a small island in Spain. She loves sports, music, TV shows, trying new food, and learning new things. She is teaching herself different instruments and loves trying new sports. She is a quiet and curious person who wants to be an exchange student to experience new things and become more sociable. She hopes to bring her culture to her new family and friends.

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AY24 Julia

| Spain | Age 16 | Female |

Interests: volleyball, reading, listening to music, chess
Julia is an extrovert, hardworking, and passionate about music, dance, and theater. She enjoys reading books on mysteries and murders and watching movies and TV shows. Julia already feels connected to American culture through the arts. She is excited to go on an exchange year to the US and experience the culture, particularly cheerleading and prom. She hopes to participate in different festivities and meet new people.

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AY24 Carla

| Spain | Age 15 | Female |

Interests: volleyball, reading, listening to music, chess
Carla comes from a small city near the beach. She can be shy at first but becomes extroverted and enthusiastic once she gets to know someone. She has moved four times and has a history of adapting quickly to new environments. Carla’s main reasons for coming to the US are to improve her English, have new experiences, and explore different places. Her hobbies include playing volleyball, watching films and series, and playing board games. She is excited to try new foods from the host family’s country and share Spanish cuisine. 

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