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Student Spotlight

AY24 Pedro

AY24 Pedro 1| Brazil | Age 16 | Male |

Interests:Play video game, Watch movies, tennis, music

Pedro Pedro enjoys activities like shopping, gaming, and watching films. As a child he played soccer but later turned into tennis enthusiast. He loves beach tennis because he can avoid the bugs, He balances school, his athletics, and family outings. He has dreamed of studying abroad and is very excited about coming to America. 

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AY24 Haitamee

AY24 Haitamee 2| Thailand | Age 17 | Male |

Interests: Volunteering at mosque, community engagement, engineering, table tennis, spending time with family
Haitamee is an avid sports enthusiast and loves table tennis. He loves trying different food but as a Muslim, he does not eat pork. One of his favorite hobbies is spending time with my family or friends. He describes himself as an adaptable person which he believes will be a strength during his exchange year.  He aspires to become a great engineer and making a positive impact on his hometown. He is eager to learn about your family, share his own experiences, and create lasting memories together.

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AY24 Olivia

AY24 Olivia 3| France | Age 16 | Female |

Interests: reading books, watching movies or series, dancing, singing, listen music, making movie. cinema club, cats, spending time with loved ones, horseback riding
Olivia is excited to come to the USA and live with an American family. She loves pizza, cats, movies, books, music, and swimming. She also enjoys horse riding, handball, oboe playing, drawing, and hopes to work in filmmaking industry or become a book editor. She is interested in learning multiple languages and is starting with English and Spanish. She describes herself as enthusiastic, creative, empathetic, and talkative. 

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AY24 Yagiz

AY24 Yagiz 4| Turkey | Age 15 | Male |

Interests: PC games, swimming, creative writing, debates, water polo, swimming, basketball
Yagiz has been swimming since he was four years old. He enjoys different sports like basketball and water sports. He is an active participant in debate and creative writing clubs. He also enjoys computer games. He hopes this year will help him with his future endeavors of studying international relations and improving his social skills. 

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AY24 Eric

AY24 Eric 5| Germany | Age 17 | Male |

Interests: Meeting with friends, basketball, go to the theater, musicals, trying new friends
Eric from Germany expresses gratitude for the opportunity to study abroad. He visited America last year and loved every place, describing each state as unique and special. He shares his love for basketball, family outings to the theater, and going out to dinner. He most looks forward to American food, sports, and improving his English.

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AY24 Lennart

AY24 Lennart 6| Germany | Age 16 | Male |

Interests: Playing games with my friends, photography, sports
Lennart is very excited at the opportunity to join your family! He sees this exchange year as a chance to broaden his academic horizons, explore new cultures, make new friendships, and further his personal growth. He describes himself as open-minded, friendly, and curious. He enjoys playing sports and photography.

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AY24 Nicolas

AY24 Nicolas 7| Germany | Age 16 | Male |

Interests: Swimming, drums, soccer, traveling, gastronomy
Nicolas goes by Nico. His hobbies are playing soccer, drumming, sailing, and meeting friends. He plays soccer because he loves to be around his peers and be part of a team. He works in the gastronomy. He is excited to experience typical American life. He is open to trying anything while here. He is grateful to his host family for allowing him to have this adventure. 

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AY24 Aaron

AY24 Aaron 8| Germany | Age 17 | Male |

Interests:music, history, culture, artists, working out, concerts
Aaron believes this is an amazing opportunity. He is a music enthusiast and is passionate about American music genres like hip-hop and rap. As an exchange student, he aims to explore the music scene, improve English skills, and learn about American culture and history. Aaron values family and is eager to immerse himself in a new family environment.

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AY24 Jonathan

AY24 Jonathan 9| Germany | Age 16 | Male |

Interests: Board games, card games, sports, watching movies, spending time with friends
Jonathan is thankful to his future host family for providing him with this opportunity. He enjoys playing table tennis and volleyball. He also like playing other kinds of sports, like soccer or swimming. He describes himself as a sports enthusiast. But he enjoys other things especially spending time with my family. He is excited to leave Europe for the first time and broaden his horizons.

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AY24 Amanda

AY24 Amanda 10| Spain | Age 17 | Female |

Interests:Slingshot, travel, swimming, running, baking, watching movies, travel
Amanda lives near the beach and the mountains. She spends her summers swimming and her winters running on trails. She enjoys sending time with friends, baking cookies, traveling with her family, and always helps with chores. Her favorite subjects are PE and economics. She values positivity and adventure and is very grateful for this opportunity.

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AY24 Beray

AY24 Beray 11| Turkey | Age 16 | Female |

Interests: Reading, Music, table tennis, guitar, traveling
Beray is currently studying at a private school in Turkey. She values time with friends and family, enjoys music, playing guitar, and traveling. She has visited the US in the past and absolutely loved it! She has a close relationship with her parents and is excited about an upcoming exchange year in the US, hoping to experience personal growth and new experiences.

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AY24 Bernardo

AY24 Bernardo 12| Brazil | Age 16 | Male |

Interests: drawing, learning sports history, NBA, NFL, soccer, dogs, watching movies, reading

Bernardo is so excited to be an exchange student. He believes that he is responsible for making the exchange experience positive. He looks forward to learning new manners and cultural practices. He chose the US because he finds that the people are respectful and humble. He is a sports enthusiast, enjoys drawing, reading, and taking care of his dogs. He describes himself as well-mannered and aims to avoid any troubles during his stay.

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AY24 Alessio

AY24 Alessio 13| Germany | Age 16 | Male |

Interests: Playing soccer, listening to music, spending time with friends, shopping
Alessio is excited to spend time abroad in the US with his host family. He enjoys family time, playing soccer, and playing piano. Alessio describes himself as someone who is organized and builds strong bonds. He is most excited to experience high school life in the US. He is excited about the different school system and sports opportunities. Alessio is grateful for the chance to create unforgettable memories with his host family.

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AY24 Khulangoo

AY24 Khulangoo 14| Mongolia | Age 15 | Female |

Interests: Reading, Sewing, Watching movies, Spending time with friends (chitchatting, hanging out), Learning about new culture
Khulangoo, a 15-year-old from Mongolia, is eager to experience American life, improve English, and learn about American schools. She enjoys drawing, designing, reading mysteries, and hopes to study architecture in the future. She is very enthusiastic about sharing Mongolian culture and meeting new people, She shares that she is not a fan of spicy food but always willing to try new things.

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AY24 Ochirerdene

AY24 Ochirerdene 15| Mongolia | Age 17 | Male |

Interests: movies, chess, cooking, swimming, sports
Ochirerdene also goes by Ochir. He enjoys different types of sports like swimming, football, and volleyball. He was inspired to participate in an exchange by his sister’s exchange student experience. He dreams of learning English, making American friends, and sharing Mongolian culture. He also enjoys watching movies, chess, and summer adventures with his family. 

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AY24 Didegul

AY24 Didegul 16| Turkey | Age 16 | Female |

Interests: reading, cooking, swimming, editing, playing guitar, pilates, skating
Didegul enjoys cooking, reading, playing guitar, painting, tennis, and music. She is outgoing, loves family activities, and dreams of creating warm memories in the US. Didegul adores animals and is excited to meet her host family and their pets, if they have some. She looks forward to talking with you, visiting places, but does warn you of weekly book shipments from Turkey!

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AY24 Ece

AY24 Ece 17| Turkey | Age 16 | Female |

Interests: I like listening music, watching movies, visiting different places, traveling and hanging out with my friends. I am interested in Formula 1 races (huge fan of Ferrari)
Ece enjoys school and spending time with her friends there. She also loves to sing and has aspirations of becoming an actress one day. She plays volleyball, piano, and practices theater. She enjoys learning new languages and this opportunity is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

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AY24 Sade

AY24 Sade 18| Turkey | Age 16 | Female |

Interests:Music, psychological thrillers, motorsports, painting, drawing

Sade, also known as Skylie, is passionate about motorsports especially formula 1 racing, enjoys drawing and painting, and loves horror movies. She enjoys music, hopes to possibly study criminology, and loves playing video games like The Last of Us. Sade looks forward to connecting with others and exploring new interests in the US.

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AY24 Justus

AY24 Justus 19| Germany | Age 16 | Male |

Interests: cycling, fishing, reading

Justus thinks family is important and considers them a big part of his life. He also enjoys spending time with friends, hanging out on the beach, and playing volleyball and water-related sports. He enjoys summer, playing the piano, reading books, and looking forward to experiencing new cultures and making lifelong friends. 

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AY24 Edmon

AY24 Edmon 20| Mongolia | Age 15 | Male |

Interests: cooking, biking, movie nights, music, tennis, volleyball
Edmon enjoys family time and being outdoors. He also likes cooking and describes himself as the chef of his family. He enjoys music, and sports like tennis and volleyball. He is a positive person who does not like being around negativity. He is open minded and embraces diversity. He is excited about experiencing American life firsthand and sharing his culture.

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AY24 Ayalguu

AY24 Ayalguu 21| Mongolia | Age 15 | Male |

Interests: Chess, dress, family, swimming, volleyball, art
Ayalguu is a 15-year-old 9th-grade student from a family of six. Ayalguu enjoys painting, biking, walking, and exploring. He plans on improving his English skills and has a dream of becoming an engineer. He look forward to being an exchange student in the US sharing Mongolian culture, and creating lasting memories.

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AY24 Carlos

AY24 Carlos 22| Spain | Age 17 | Male |

Interests: sports news, soccer, world news, hangout with friends, economics, travel, nature
Carlos enjoys spending time with friends, playing sports like soccer, athletics, skiing, and paddle tennis. He also likes watching soccer, Formula 1, driving go-karts, playing video games, and exploring nature. Carlos is open-minded, curious, and enjoys learning and staying up-to-date with the news. He loves animals and helps care for chickens, ducks, roosters, and sheep. Carlos is family-oriented, has two younger brothers, and looks forward to participating in the program to learn from and contribute to a new family.

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AY24 Lee

AY24 Lee 24| Cambodia | Age 16 | Female |

Interests: cook, look after my moms shop, collect books, collect glasses, gardening, watching movies, drawing

Lee, is the oldest daughter in her family and has two younger brothers. She helps with household chores and enjoys studying and spending time with family. She describes herself as someone who brings joy to those around her, loves learning about different cultures, and hopes to gain more education through this opportunity.

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AY24 Noah

AY24 Noah 25| Germany | Age 16 | Male |

Interests: Photography, cars, cooking, gym, volleyball, animals

Noah thanks his future family for their kindness in extending him this opportunity. Noah loves animals and has always wanted one, no matter what kind. The hobby he enjoys the most is photography. He enjoys photographing lots of things and his work is published through his school. He enjoys going to the gym, cooking, shopping, and playing volleyball. He is most excited to create a lasting bond with his host family.

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AY24 Valentina

AY24 Valentina 26| Italy | Age 17 | Female |

Interests: Traveling, reading, sport, Disney, volleyball
Valentina loves traveling to learn about cultures and traditions. She values her family’s support on her decision to come abroad. Despite fears of leaving home, she is up for any challenges that come her way! She describes herself as goal-oriented, initially shy but fun-loving and active once comfortable. She enjoys volleyball and hopes to continue playing in America. 

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AY24 Felix

AY24 Felix 27| Germany | Age 17 | Male |

Interests: running, animals, outdoors, sports, meeting people, spending time with friends
Felix describes himself as funny, happy and confident. His life is really calm but also gets quite active as he participates in various sports. He loves animals and especially likes pets like cats and dogs. He is thrilled that you are making this time in another country possible for him! His girl is to discover new friends and new hobbies and describes himself as a very open person who likes to meet new people. He thanks his future host family for making his dream a reality.

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AY24 Johann

AY24 Johann 28| Germany | Age 16 | Male |

Interests: Local youth club, piano, volunteer, soccer
Johann is eager to embark on a year-long adventure in a new country. He enjoys sports, history, chemistry, and English, plays soccer, volunteers at a church, and plays the piano. He values meeting new people and experiencing different cultures. Johann is optimistic, open-minded, and looks forward to making new friends, learning English, and having a memorable experience abroad.

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AY24 Lesse

AY24 Lesse 29| Germany | Age 16 | Male |

Interests: dirt bike, sports, violin, gym, traveling
 Lasse is passionate about sports, especially boxing and gym sessions. He values his family and friends and enjoys spending time with them. Activities include exploration, coffee dates, football, and quality time together. He is fascinated by the USA’s way of life and he dreams of experiencing high school here. He is grateful for the opportunity, he looks forward to immersing himself in a new routine, learning customs, and engaging in new and unfamiliar sports.

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AY24 Marta

AY24 Marta 30| Spain | Age 14 | Female |

Interests: reading, acting, psychology, listening to music, singing, cook desserts

Marta expresses gratitude for the opportunity to come to the US and aims to make her time enjoyable for both parties. She dreams of visiting the United States to experience the culture, improve her English, and pursue a career as a psychologist or actress. Marta enjoys board games, cooking desserts, listening to music, singing, and drawing.

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AY24 Vincent

AY24 Vincent 31| France | Age 17 | Male |

Interests: Discovering other cultures, Cooking , Learn new languages, soccer, gym, spending time with family

Vincent expresses gratitude for the opportunity to join a family in the US for 10 months. He seeks new experiences, aims to become bilingual, and grow independently. Vincent looks forward to sharing moments, including the American elections, and promises to contribute positively with joy and respect. He enjoys playing soccer and spending time with friends and family.

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AY24 Marina

AY24 Marina 32| Brazil | Age 16 | Female |

Interests: Moving my body, I love always be doing some sport, Cooking, Reading books, Watching movies

Marina is a communicative person who loves handball, going to the gym, cooking, music, and reading. She is competitive in both sports and academics and cherishes spending time with family and friends. Marina lives in Brazil, loves its culture and cuisine, and looks forward to sharing it with you while also improving her English and growing with your family!

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AY24 Lay

AY24 Lay 33| Cambodia | Age 15 | Male |

Interests:drawing, writing, exercise, physics experiment, soccer, basketball

Lay is the eldest of his family. He describes himself as playful but he takes his studies very seriously. He enjoys playing drums and hopes to learn the electric guitar soon. He also enjoys sports such as basketball, soccer, and badminton. He hopes to try new ones in the US. 

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AY24 Sivgech

AY24 Sivgech 34| Cambodia | Age 15 | Female |

Interests:Volunteering, Book collection, Cooking, Drawing, Guitar Science

Sivgech is the eldest child of her family and she hopes to participate in an exchange year to grow, learn a new culture, and share her own. She enjoys studying and loves to journal. Her favorite subjects involve calculations and she loves chemistry the most. She is thankful for you considering her to be apart of your family!

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AY24 Gianmarco

AY24 Gianmarco 35| Italy | Age 17 | Male |

Interests: Soccer, videogames, music, travel, water sports, gym, math
Gianmarco, an older brother from central Italy, values his family, excels in academics, and is dedicated to competitive swimming and has been swimming for 10 years. He is ambitious, hardworking, and social. He describes himself as determined and hopes the exchange year will allow him to expand as he meets new and diverse people. 

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AY24 Lluc

AY24 Lluc 36| Spain | Age 15 | Male |

Interests: Read, Ping pong, Gym, skiing, parkour, technology
Lluc, a student, is excited to study in the USA to immerse in American culture. He hopes to engage in community activities, share Spanish customs like cooking the famous Spanish Omelet, and pursue interests such as skiing and parkour. Lluc values learning and tries to show effort in everything he does.

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AY24 Lavinia

AY24 Lavinia 37| Italy | Age 17 | Female |

Interests: self care (+ makeup, + hair care), Shopping, Read books, Traveling, Cooking, Gardening, Photography
Lavinia describes herself as responsible, spontaneous, genuine, determined, ambitious, quiet, friendly, calm, obedient, and most importantly, affectionate. She enjoys skincare, makeup, shopping, collecting shoes, reading romance novels, listening to music, flowers, photography, cooking cakes, traveling, and discovering new places. She is eager to share her culture and learn about others’, and hopes to create lasting memories and relationships.

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AY24 Lucia

AY24 Lucia 38| Spain | Age 16 | Female |

Interests: Cooking, Languages, Reading, Volunteering, Learn about human biology, Watch movies, Listen to music
Lucía, appreciative of the opportunity to study in the USA and is grateful to her future host family. She enjoys spending time with family, playing with her sister, and her dog. She describes herself as mature, outgoing, and empathetic. Lucía aspires to study medicine to help others. She also loves volleyball, running, traveling, cooking, and listening to music. She is thankful to you for fulfilling her dream of studying in the USA and she promises to be obedient and positive. 

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AY24 Kalina

AY24 Kalina 39| Poland | Age 17 | Female |

Interests: Fashion design, Reading, Travelling, East Asian cultures, Musical theatre

Kalina, 16, studies with the IB program, enjoys cooking, reading, fashion, and anything related to showbiz. She has interests in history, foreign languages, and ballroom dancing. Kalina actively participates in volunteer work, debates, MUN conferences, and hopes to experience unique US events like the Super Bowl. She is eager to learn about new cultures and meet new people.

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AY24 Arsene

AY24 Arsene 40| France | Age 16 | Male |

Interests: Video games, motorbikes, golfing, skateboarding, traveling, volleyball, spending time with friends

Arsène is open-minded, values family time as he has a family with five kids. He enjoys sports like volleyball which he hopes to continue in the USA, and likes traveling. He also enjoys activities like video games, biking, skateboarding, and golfing with family. He looks forward to sharing his culture, experiencing new cultures, and embracing new adventures.

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AY24 Emily

AY24 Emily 41| Ecuador | Age 17 | Female |

Interests: Fitness, crafts, spending time with family, cooking, traveling

Emily is excited about her exchange year. She describes herself as open-minded, happy, friendly, and enthusiastic. She enjoys traveling, planning activities, exercising, trying new recipes, doing crafts, and spending time with family. She looks forward to learning, making friends, and growing in a new environment.

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AY24 Armando

AY24 Armando 42| Italy | Age 16 | Male |

Interests:Reading books, traveling, dancing, going to the gym, reading

Armando is a shy but can be extroverted. He describes himself as a respectful teenager who loves traveling, visiting various countries. He is open-minded, organized, and enjoys activities like going to the gym, dancing, and reading. Armando aims to overcome his shyness, improve English, and experience different cultures as an exchange student.

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AY24 Fanny

AY24 Fanny 43| France | Age 15 | Female |

Interests: fashion, collecting fashion books, cooking desserts, shopping, music, criminology

Fanny is a cheerful, enthusiastic, smiling girl who loves to laugh.She loves to go shopping, take good care of herself, go to the sea, play with animals, bake, and spend time with her family. She is applying for this program because she would like to get to know your language, your history, you, and live the American way. She hopes after this experience she will be more extroverted and bilingual.

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AY24 Ahmed

AY24 Ahmed 44| Kenya | Age 16 | Male |

Interests:Reading, learning Arabic, family time, watching movies, global connections
Ahmed describes himself as open, honest, and fair. His family enjoys watching movies together. He helps with chores and values the family bond. Ahmed likes movies, music, and biking adventures with trustworthy friends. His city has unique architecture, beaches, and seafood. He plans to further his education, learn new languages, and make global connections through exchange programs.

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AY24 Lorenzo

AY24 Lorenzo 45| Italy | Age 16 | Male |

Interests:Hang out with friends, listen to music, do shopping, cooking, writing, drawing, gym, animals
Lorenzo is an animal lover, outgoing, curious, and reliable. He enjoys traveling, spending time with family, dancing, and has always imagined his future in the United States. Lorenzo hopes to experience American holidays and traditions, seeking a change and new experiences. 

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AY24 Axel

AY24 Axel 46| France | Age 16 | Male |

Interests:watching films, listening music, playing video games, being with my friends, spending time with my family.
Axel is a positive teenager who enjoys traveling, experiencing different cultures, listening to music, watching movies, and practicing sports especially boxing. He is interested in all combat sports. Axel has visited the United States in the past but is curious about life as a traditional American. He hopes to work in international business. Axel hopes to continue boxing in the US and is open to learning about American dishes and traditions.

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AY24 Areesha

AY24 Areesha 47| Pakistan | Age 16 | Female |

Interests:Gardening, baking, crocheting, IT, software design, painting, horseback riding, cricket

Areesha is a Pakistani YES scholar who describes herself as brave, confident, and kind. She helps others with studies, enjoys gardening, crocheting, reading, and baking. Areesha aims to become a software engineer with interests in technology. She loves computer Science, English, and Physics and looks forward to learning about American traditions during an exchange year. She is excited to share her culture with her future host family. 

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AY24 Arianna

AY24 Arianna 48| Italy | Age 16 | Female |

Interests:the world of fashion, met gala, reading, skiing, swimming, going to the movies, listening to music, Taylor Swift

Ariana enjoys music, reading books, going to the sea, movies, and skiing with cousins.She loves Taylor Swift, Imagine Dragons, and Young Adult books. She also loves MCU, Star Wars, Rom-Coms, and fashion. I excel in sports like tennis, swimming, and skiing. IShe describes herself as shy but hopeful that this experience will bring her out of her shell. She is eager to make new friends and experience the American dream. 

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AY24 Gaia

AY24 Gaia 49| Italy | Age 16 | Female |

Interests: Ride a bike, ride with rollers, listen to music, the cinema, go out with friends, scouts.
Gaia is currently attending a scientific high school. She is passionate about synchronized swimming, and active in scouting. Both activities are important to her because she enjoys them and gets to spend time with her closest friends. She enjoys traveling with her family. She hopes to go on an exchange for personal development and to learn about new cultures and languages.

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AY24 Joaquin

AY24 Joaquin 50| Ecuador | Age 17 | Male |

Interests:Music, basketball, football, team sports, making new friends
Joaquin is eager to join his future family. He is committed to overcoming any challenges on program. He describes himself as persistent, open-minded, friendly, and sociable. Joaquin is familiar with the US but excited to explore it further and he is mainly interested in its sports culture. He especially loves basketball. He hopes to become a student-athlete and is confident in adapting while here. 

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AY24 Anna

AY24 Anna 51| Italy | Age 16 | Female |

Interests:listening to music, baking and crocheting, skincare, arts, dance
Anna from Italy, goes to an artistic high school. She is very creative and enjoys drawing, crocheting, dancing, reading tragic love stories, and listening to music. She is a huge Taylor Swift fan. She has dreamt of being an exchange student and believes her friendly nature will help her succeed. 

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AY24 Daria

AY24 Daria 52| Poland | Age 16 | Female |

Interests:Commercial dance, Skiing, listening to music, reading books, traveling, family time

Daria is passionate about travel and dance. She anticipates an exciting adventure in the US. She hopes to follow in her fathers footsteps and embrace this chance to grow. Daria considers herself disciplined, curious, and open to new things. She looks forward to sharing her experiences, creating memories, and learning together with her host family.

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AY24 Lana

AY24 Lana 53| Germany | Age 15 | Female |

Interests:Meeting friends, being in nature, traveling, baking, cooking, gym, nutrition, the beach

Lana describes herself as ambitious, sensitive, and a normal girl. She enjoys weight lifting, learning languages, traveling, and dreams of moving to the beach to learn surfing. She aspires to attend an American high school because of the diverse classes and is interested in learning psychology, medicine, and participate in creative classes. Lana hopes to grow personally and become more open and confident.

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AY24 Laith

AY24 Laith 54| Libya | Age 15 | Male |

Interests:Volunteering, chess, board games, reading, cooking, anime, spending time with friends, soccer, YES 2024

Laith is family-oriented and he enjoys visiting his grandparents and playing chess with his dad. He enjoys playing sports, and currently loves horse riding. He is also organized and his favorite food is seafood. Laith is fascinated by American culture and hopes to come to the US to learn about it and share his culture. His other interests include listening to music, reading e-books, watching anime, playing soccer, and going camping. Laith is excited to study in a new school, make new friends, and respect his future host family.

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AY24 Saida

AY24 Saida 55| Albania | Age 16 | Female |

Interests: Learning languages, mentorship club, career club, science olympiads, piano

Saida is excited to join your family. She is eager to learn about their way of life, share her culture, and help wherever possible, whether with chores or in the community. Saida loves volunteering and has a passion for learning and exploring. She enjoys playing the piano and participating in clubs. She is committed to respecting the family’s rules and offering help whenever needed.

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AY24 Yokutkhon

AY24 Yokutkhon 56| Uzbekistan | Age 15 | Female |

Interests:Physics club, volunteering, cycling, science, experiments, reading

Yokutkhon enjoys cooking and cycling with her family. She enjoys reading and her favorite subject is chemistry. She is eager to travel and explore new places.She hopes to become a doctor or chemical engineer. She is an introvert but hopes to form a close lasting friendships and learn about American culture during an exchange program.

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AY24 Ramazan

AY24 Ramazan 57| Kyrgyzstan | Age 15 | Male |

Interests:Table tennis, volunteering, singing, board games, dancing, art, nature, walks, FLEX 2024

Ramazan from Kyrgyzstan is very grateful for the opportunity to stay with a host family and learn about their culture. He describes himself as an open, cheerful, and creative person who is interested in sports, drawing, being in nature, and music. He is respectful and willing to learn from their host family while contributing to their household.

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AY24 Olga

AY24 Olga 58| Poland | Age 16 | Female |

Interests: doing nails, psychology, ballroom dancing, art, drawing, traveling, singing

Olga is a 16-year-old Polish student who is extroverted, optimistic, and open to meeting new people. She describes herself as fierce and creative. She is passionate about art because it keeps her calm and allows self-expression. She is brave, talkative, and helpful. She is skilled at ballroom dancing and enjoys traveling and road trips. She thinks this experience will be the most exciting opportunity of her life, and she promises to keep a huge smile on her host family’s face!

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AY24 Konstantin

AY24 Konstantin 59| Germany | Age 16 | Male |

Interests: playing card games, going to the movies, soccer, hiking, being outdoors, adventure
Konstantin is hoping to follow his brother’s footsteps and go on an exchange year. He enjoys playing soccer, spending time with friends, and exploring new cultures. Konstantin is excited to form connections and share his passion for soccer and outdoor activities. He looks forward to meeting his host family and creating lasting memories.

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AY24 Ratchapol

AY24 Ratchapol 60| Thailand | Age 15 | Male |

Interests: Swimming, playing boardgames, playing badminton, listening to music, singing, dancing, drawing, skating
Ratchapol goes by Tonnum, or Ton. He enjoys eating food from his native country such as Pad Thai, Papaya salad, and Pork salad. He likes ice skating and watching movies, especially T-pop, K-pop, and pop music. Tonnum is hard-working and adapts quickly to new environments. He enjoys playing team sports and wants to be an exchange student to learn about new cultures, try new things, make foreign friends, and experience life in America.

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AY24 Oyunsaikhan

AY24 Oyunsaikhan 61| Mongolia | Age 15 | Female |

Interests: Volleyball, music, podcasts, reading, FLEX 2024
Oyunsaikhan is a 15-year-old who lives with their parents, two younger brothers, and grandma. She enjoys listening to podcasts, music, and playing musical instruments. Oyunsaikhan’s friends prefer outdoor activities but they enjoy discussing life over hot chocolate in a cafe. Oyunsaikhan’s city is small but the people are welcoming and optimistic. She is interested in architecture, engineering, reading books, sports, and cooking. She applied to an exchange program to learn about different cultures.

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AY24 Youssef

AY24 Youssef 62| Tunisia | Age 16 | Male |

Interests: Astronomy, astrophysics, learning languages, gym training, software development, YES 2024
Youssef is an optimistic person who loves spending time with family and is very close with his sister. He is interested in foreign languages, software development, 3D design, and astrophysics. He plans to study astrophysics in university and wants to learn how to make money through side hustles. Youssef is adventurous and enjoys camping, hiking, skiing, and exploring new places. He is excited to experience American culture, visit monuments, make new friends, and hopefully see snow for the first time.

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AY24 Saad

AY24 Saad 63| Morocco | Age 17 | Male |

Interests: Chess, soccer, technology, cyber security, operating systems, and game development, YES 2024
Saad has two siblings, both of them are younger than him. He enjoys traveling. He is passionate about anything related to technology like cyber security, operating systems and game development, and playing chess. He hopes to have this opportunity to upgrade his English skills and live in the American society, and he also wants to share his culture with American people. 

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AY24 Yusuf

AY24 Yusuf 64| Germany | Age 16 | Male |

Interests: Soccer, video games, traveling, basketball
Yusuf is a social, open-minded person who enjoys interacting with people and animals. He lives with his family and enjoys playing soccer, the guitar, and video games in his free time. He loves traveling, and the principles of the USA fascinate him. He is very interested in American culture and hopes to enjoy American restaurants, schools, suburban neighborhoods, and shopping at Target or Walmart.

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AY24 Karla

AY24 Karla 65| Spain | Age 16 | Female |

Interests: singing, ukulele, guitar, piano, sports, boxing
Karla is from a small island in Spain. She loves sports, music, TV shows, trying new food, and learning new things. She is teaching herself different instruments and loves trying new sports. She is a quiet and curious person who wants to be an exchange student to experience new things and become more sociable. She hopes to bring her culture to her new family and friends.

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AY24 Ayana

AY24 Ayana 66| Kazakhstan | Age 16 | Female |

Interests: Dancing, singing, volunteering, debate, playing card games USDOS/FLEX 2024
Ayana has a family of four and enjoys spending time with them, watching movies, and playing games. She takes responsibility for house chores and is self-reliant. She is interested in music, singing, dancing, graphic and web design, debates, and learning new languages. She enjoys sharing facts and stories about their country and cooking traditional dishes. She is excited about the exchange experience and hopes to learn about American culture and history while sharing her culture.

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AY24 Julia

AY24 Julia 67| Spain | Age 16 | Female |

Interests: Singing, dance, drama, reading, listening to music, Taylor Swift, walking, traveling
Julia is an extrovert, hardworking, and passionate about music, dance, and theater. She enjoys reading books on mysteries and murders and watching movies and TV shows. Julia already feels connected to American culture through the arts. She is excited to go on an exchange year to the US and experience the culture, particularly cheerleading and prom. She hopes to participate in different festivities and meet new people.

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AY24 Carla

AY24 Carla 68| Spain | Age 15 | Female |

Interests: volleyball, reading, listening to music, chess
Carla comes from a small city near the beach. She can be shy at first but becomes extroverted and enthusiastic once she gets to know someone. She has moved four times and has a history of adapting quickly to new environments. Carla’s main reasons for coming to the US are to improve her English, have new experiences, and explore different places. Her hobbies include playing volleyball, watching films and series, and playing board games. She is excited to try new foods from the host family’s country and share Spanish cuisine. 

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