Our Staff

Our Staff

Borderless Friends Forever promotes world peace through cultivating opportunities for cultural and educational exchanges. These exchanges allow people to learn more about each other’s core values. We bring the international traveler and the host family together to create meaningful relationships through which we celebrate our differences and similarities. Borderless Friends Forever is operated by a group of passionate professionals. We are inspired by our desire to see a diverse, loving, and open world where everyone can achieve their potential and live in peace.

Crystal Allis

Executive Director / Founder
Call : 919.285.2693 ext 1
Email : callis@borderlessfriends.org

Azah Ningo

Program Manager
Call : 919.285.2693 ext 2
Email : aningo@borderlessfriends.org

Bob Allis

Vice President of Finance
Call : 919.285.2693 ext 3
Email : ballis@borderlessfriends.org

Kelly Jo Sigler

Program Assistant
Call: 919.285.2693 ext 4
Email :  kjsigler@borderlessfriends.org

Jessica Efird

Training Specialist

Email :  jefird@borderlessfriends.org

Mylena Jones

National Placement Coordinator

Email : mjones@borderlessfriends.org

Kristin Eastman

Regional Director

Email : keastman@borderlessfriends.org

Vivian Noble

Regional Director
Call : 919-335-6578
Email : vnoble@borderlessfriends.org

Amber England

Regional Director

Email :  aengland@borderlessfriends.org