Meet our Fall ’22 students

Meet our Fall students!

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Hosting is your chance to change the world for the better!

Our purpose at BFF is to promote world peace through cultivating opportunities for cultural and educational exchanges. These exchanges allow people to learn more about each other’s core values. We bring the international traveler and the host family together to create meaningful relationships through which we celebrate our differences and similarities.

High school spots are extremely limited. Don’t delay!

Please note that not everyone here may be available. Pick 2-3 possibilities and let your Community Advisor know who may best fit with your family!

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Kazakhstan | Age 16 | Female

Interests: Fitness, reading, TV shows, movies, hanging out with family


AIgerim is a scholarship student from Kazakhstan and is 16 years old. She loves film and would like to be a movie director. She has recently tried yoga, and is always open to something new! To wind down the day, she loves hanging out after dinner and just chatting about the day or whatever comes to mind.

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Czech | Age 18 | Male

Interests: Karate, reading, sports


Michal is a 18 year old boy from the Czech Republic. He has been doing karate competitively for 12 years, and also began fencing 3 years ago. He is very into athletics, and would like to continue participating in sports while he is here. He also enjoys reading fantasy novels! When he is older, he would like to be either a teacher or a brewer, as his family owns and works at a brewery.

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Ecuador | Age 17 | Male

Interests: Journalism, climbing, drawing, music


Aitano is a 17 year old boy from Ecuador. He loves rock climbing and would like to continue while he is here. He also enjoys drawing, writing, and listening to music. When he is older, he would like to become a journalist.

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Korea | Age 17 | Female

Interests: Violin, guitar, signing, skiing, biking


Taeyeong is from South Korea and will be 17 when she arrives. She plays multiple instruments and also enjoys singing. She likes to watch movies with her family and is the head of Student Council in her school. She says the clouds are much different int he US than at home, so she is looking forward to seeing the sky here once again!

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Spain | Age 16 | Male

Interests: Piano, video games, painting, architecture


Miguel is a 16 year old boy from Spain. He enjoys playing the piano, playing video games and painting. He loves food and is excited to try typical American foods! His favorite subjects in school are math and physics, and when he is older, he would like to become an architect.

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Germany | Age 16 | Female

Interests: Trumpet, orchestra, drawing, volleyball, vegetarian


Ebba is a 16 year old girl from Germany. She is a very artistic person. She plays the trumpet, piano, and guitar, and also enjoys drawing! She also enjoys playing sports like volleyball and handball. She is very excited to experience the American way of life herself, and while she is here, she would like to join the school orchestra!

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France | Age 16 | Male

Interests: Painting, swimming, baseball, space


Leon is a 16 year old boy from France. He enjoys swimming, painting, and is also a part of the Scouts in France! While he is here, he would like to try baseball, and also continue swimming. He would also like to find clubs about space and politics, as he is very interested in these topics.

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Spain | Age 15 | Male

Interests: Guitar, soccer, hiking, ping pong


Gael is a 15 year old from Spain. He enjoys being outside in nature, both out in the countryside or just taking walks in the neighborhood. He has a competitive streak, especially when playing ping pong with his family! He is gluten free, so if you are too or can accommodate this, Gael may be a great fit for you!

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