Frequently Asked Questions

Why Study Abroad?

Studying in another country with BFF is more than just working on a language or seeing a different style of education. Immersing yourself in another culture will open world views that you may have never even thought of before, and the growth you (and others) will see in yourself from this experience will make the adventure worth it!

Colleges love to hear stories of personal growth, and studying abroad in high school is something few US students ever do. You will meet new friends, learn about other cultures, try new cuisines, and learn much about yourself. Something unique happens when you know how to create solutions while living abroad.

Why BFF?

BFF has a well-documented record of having that extra personal touch, so you will always be well-supported in your adventure! You are never a number with BFF; you are family.

We also work closely with our international partners, who provide excellent service to our study-abroad students.

Where will I live?

You will live with a host family in your country of destination who are screened and chosen carefully by our international partners.

You may live in a large city, a mid-size town, or a small village, but there will always be many chances to explore culture and seize opportunities!

How long is the program?

Depending on the location, you can choose to go for a semester, an entire year, or sometimes even a trimester.

If you are interested in a non-academic summer exchange, visit our short-term programs page for more information.

What is included in the program price?

Room and board with a host family, supervision by a partner representative, health insurance coverage, and assistance obtaining a visa if required.

What is not included?

Spending money, meals outside the home, phone plans, and airfare are not included.

We don’t include airfare because you may be able to find the best price by shopping around and using any frequent flyer miles you may have to help pay for it! Some other programs include airfare in their price, but often you pay more.

Are there payment plans?

While we have some flexible payment plans, all program fees will need to be paid in full before you depart for your adventure. You must pay your application fee and deposit upfront and can deliver the remainder through the payment plan.

Will my school credits transfer back to my high school?

Schools abroad are structured very differently than here in the US. We advise you to talk to your guidance counselor about your requirements to graduate.

You are responsible for finding out what your high school requires and how to transfer credits. We are happy to communicate with our partners to secure information about how your assigned school handles transferring credits.

How will I be able to spend money while I am there?

Taking large amounts of cash is not recommended, and it is unlikely that you can open a bank account while you are there. Therefore, we recommend that all of our participants find a way to secure funds for their travel. A bit of planning is needed. Most debit and credit cards are accepted worldwide, but you must ensure you are not subject to sizeable international transactions or currency exchange fees. Many US card companies (maybe even your bank) offer cards with none of these fees. We recommend contacting your bank to find out what they offer. It would be best to secure a way for financial transactions without involving the host family.