The BFF Way

The BFF Way

The BFF Difference

Nationally and Internationally there are hundreds of “Student Exchange Program” providers, so what makes BFF stand apart from the others?

Personal Attention

Recent studies have shown that the bonds of friendship that develop during a hosting experience help students grow in their understanding and appreciation of diversity and lead to an increase in tolerance.

We are dedicated to fostering those relationships through one-to-one meetings, group events, and consistent check-ins to ensure the experience is a positive one for all parties.

One-on-One Support

Communication is key to understanding each other’s perspectives in different situations and to solve misunderstandings.

During the exchange, our community advisors will support both the host parent(s) and exchange student. The CA will be a valuable resource as both you and your student navigate the hosting experience.

The Team

BFF has a long track record of success. Our dedicated advisors are embedded in communities across the nation to provide each program participant a safety net of support. Many of the team members started as cultural exchange students, advisors, or hosts themselves, and their work is as much a calling as a job.

BFF is supportive of host families, students, and natural families, every step of the way.

We’ve been hosting students since 1997, and our 8-year- old son has grown up with exchange student “sisters”; its been a wonderful experience for us all. We’ve hosted in three different states, with different organizations, and BFF outshines them all by far. Crystal is a savvy businessperson, she’s fair…and most of all, she truly loves the kids.

— Linda Formichelli