As they finished up their exchange year, we asked our students to share a bit about their experience. Our biggest question was, what advice would you give a student considering coming to the US as an exchange student? Here are some of their responses: 

Daniya (Kazakhstan): “Be brave, try everything, every mistake is an opportunity to learn. Be open minded, thoughtful, actively engaged and thankful.”

Eliise (Estonia): “Be brave, put yourself out there! Participate as much as you can. If I don’t put myself out there, nothing will change. I started making more friends after I started taking part of more activities in my school.”

Vianney (France): “People (in the US) surprised me in a good way, people are so friendly. I would recommend you go to all the games of your school especially football ones.”

Bartu (Turkey): “If you are expecting to get respect & love, then show them to others. If you want to enjoy your program, then learn how to be part of the group, and don’t forget to be active as much as you can!”

Omar (Palestine): “Don’t stress too much, focus on enjoying your year and don’t overthink everything.”

Gabriela (Moldova): “Never be afraid of the unknown, as for only venturing out, you will find the answers you need.”

Salem (Jordan): “I learned so much. I learned that what you see on TV is not the actual image. I learned that people see things from different views and we should respect each other’s opinions. I learned that it is really important to socialize, have friends, and make as many connections as possible. It is important to learn about other cultures before visiting their country.”