Teodora became a part of Borderless Friends Forever in 2019 as a FLEX scholar from Montenegro. She resided with the Silva-Zanchetta family in North Carolina during her exchange year. Borderless Friends Forever is always excited to hear about the meaningful work our former exchange students do after their program experience. Teodora is genuinely making an impact!

Our team reached out to see what she is up to now, and here is what she had to share!

“Ever since I returned from my exchange year, I stayed close to my FLEX alumni community, and we did various projects regarding Mental Health and culture, educating a bunch of students on the importance of these topics. Recently, I had the amazing opportunity to go to the US again, this time for the BOLD Civic Engagement Program in Omaha, Nebraska. During that month, I have been learning about even more ways to do good projects that will make an impact. I have now done a workshop on the importance of English language, Culture, and Cultural exchanges, with a slight mention of the importance of good Mental health. My exchange year influenced me heavily regarding my passion for spreading positive awareness about various topics and has opened the door for many more opportunities in life.”- Teodora D.

The benefits of an exchange year last long after it ends! We wish you continued success in your future endeavors, Teodora!

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