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Wrap Your Arms Around the World, Host an Exchange Student!
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Be a BFF

Wrap Your Arms Around the World

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An American Host Family


Experience international culture without leaving your home by hosting a BFF international exchange student!

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A Student Interested in Studying in the USA


Are you interested in broadening your horizons, studying abroad, and learning more about American culture?

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An American Student Interested in Studying Abroad


Do you dream of studying in another country, for a year, for a semester, or for a few weeks over the summer? Let us help you realize your dreams! 

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Become a BFF

We are a boutique foreign exchange student program, specializing in bringing students to the USA for an amazing study abroad experience. Whether you are reading this from Albania, Brazil, Chile, or any other country, we would love to help you explore American culture for your study abroad program. We offer a variety of programs, including summer, semester, and academic year programs. 

In addition to helping students come to the USA, we also send American students abroad, so that they can experience another culture for a few weeks, a semester, or an academic school year.