Alba is a Spanish girl from Mallorca who joined the Lako family in New Mexico for the 2023-2024 school year. She participated in a BFF interview, sharing her experience as an exchange student.

The Interview: 

What made you want to become an exchange student? 

“The fact of learning about a different culture and living in a different country made me very excited, in addition to , improving my english, grow as a person, became more mature and an independent person. Also to have the opportunity to have a second family and meet new people.”


What is something unique about your home country?

“I think something unique about my country is good gastronomy.”


What has surprised you about your exchange experience so far? 

“How well I have adapted to everything from the first moment. How I have faced my problems and I have known how to solve them and how I have grown and learned.”


How has the experience changed your life so far? 

“The experience has changed me for the better.”


What would you like to tell a student that is considering participating in an exchange program?

“If you are lucky enough to be able to come to the United States to live the experience, definitely come. It’s difficult but we are all capable of doing it. And it is something unique, very beautiful and special.”

Student Interview: Alba (Spain) 1
Student Interview: Alba (Spain) 2
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