Student of the Month

Name: Zon

Country: Phillipines

Hosted By: Coley Family

Since Zon arrived in the US, he has thrived creatively and shown significant involvement. He leads school plays, cherishes time with friends, and excels as a caring host brother. Zon’s vibrant personality and passion for life have made a positive impact since he arrived in the US. His dedication to the arts shines through his outstanding performances in school plays, captivating audiences with his talent. Beyond his artistic endeavors, Zon’s warm and inclusive nature has won the hearts of his peers. To catch a glimpse of a typical day in Zon’s life and witness the joy and enthusiasm he brings to every moment, visit our YouTube channel. Join us in celebrating Zon and his success as an exchange student.

Student of the Month: Zon, May 2024 1
Student of the Month: Zon, May 2024 1