My name is Thibault, I am from Germany and I spent the schoolyear 2018-19 in the US with the help of the exchange student programm Borderless Friends Forever. I had an amazing time and great experiences.

When I arrived I got to know Ron basically the coordinator that was in charge of every exchange student in Sanford, the town I lived in. I quickly got to know all the other exchange students to which I still have pretty good connections to this day. My family was super nice and open to learning about my culture as well. In highschool I was surprised about the diversity of classes you were able to choose. I had American History but also a class where I learned to use Powerpoint and Microsoft Excel very well, Advanced PE which basically was weight lifting and even Core and Sustainable where I learned to use drills and electric saws and worked with wood. During my Highschool experience I played one soccer and two track and field seasons and visited a lot of Football and Basketball games to get to know different sports. To me, American Football was so interesting that I started playing in a club in Germany.

I made a lot of friends that I still am in contact with almost every day. There are just so many amazing experiences I had with the People and the culture that I will remember those 10 months in the US for ever. And obviously my English got to a new level which helps me in a lot of every day situations 🙂