John Luckado, the host dad of four, embarked on his hosting journey with Pietro nearly a decade ago. He then hosted Pascal, Xavi, and Emil. Recently, he wanted his boys together, and Emil and Pascal were available to make the trip.

John tries to see his boys as often as possible, and this year was no exception as they planned a meet-up in Prague, Czech Republic. The trip mainly consisted of sightseeing around Prague, indulging in the city’s food and drink, and feeling like there was never enough time to do it all. They went to the Museum of Illusions, which was lots of fun. “We always have a blast together; we really do.” John tearfully said goodbye to the boys and continued his journey to Vienna, where he enjoyed a few days solo. Vienna is one of his favorites, and he highly recommends it to anyone interested in a European vacation!

The trip ended only a few weeks ago, and they already have plans for their next adventure; this time, they hope to go to Los Angeles.

When asked about hosting and what it means to him, John shared this: “I’ll just say that with my first kid I hosted, I thought the student would arrive for ten months, we would show them America, then they would go back home, and that would be that. The experience would end with “It was nice hosting you.” I didn’t expect they would truly become my family.”

John is still close to the first boy he hosted ten years later; he chats with all his kids at least a couple times a month and some daily. “I love them like my own sons, and I never thought that would be possible.”

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