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Founded in January 2014, BFF is an exchange student organization created out of a true passion for international education. With the national office located in Cary, NC, BFF maintains a network of dedicated and trained community advisors in communities throughout the United States who provide program services at the local level to participants, host families, and schools. Community advisors and the national office are committed to providing the best possible exchange experience to participants, host families, and schools. Something that sets us apart from other organizations is the fact that we require our community advisors to see our students in person each month. This BFF standard is well above the minimum necessary by the US Department of State. It is needed to build a strong relationship with our students and families, and the strength of this relationship allows for program effectiveness.

AY24 Didegul

| Turkey | Age 16 | Female | Interests: reading, cooking, swimming, editing, playing guitar, pilates, skating Didegul enjoys cooking, reading, playing guitar, painting, tennis, and music. She is outgoing, loves family activities, and dreams of creating warm memories...

AY24 Lluc

| Spain | Age 15 | Male | Interests: Read, Ping pong, Gym, skiing, parkour, technology Lluc, a student, is excited to study in the USA to immerse in American culture. He hopes to engage in community activities, share Spanish customs like cooking the famous Spanish...

AY24 Ayalguu

| Mongolia | Age 15 | Male | Interests: Chess, dress, family, swimming, volleyball, art Ayalguu is a 15-year-old 9th-grade student from a family of six. Ayalguu enjoys painting, biking, walking, and exploring. He plans on improving his English skills and has a dream...

AY24 Arianna

| Italy | Age 16 | Female | Interests:the world of fashion, met gala, reading, skiing, swimming, going to the movies, listening to music, Taylor Swift Ariana enjoys music, reading books, going to the sea, movies, and skiing with cousins.She loves Taylor Swift, Imagine...

AY24 Marta

| Spain | Age 14 | Female | Interests: reading, acting, psychology, listening to music, singing, cook desserts Marta expresses gratitude for the opportunity to come to the US and aims to make her time enjoyable for both parties. She dreams of visiting the United...

AY24 Agata

| Poland | Age 16 | Female | Interests:cooking, reading books, collecting albums, skiing, horseback riding, kayaking Agata lives in a big city with her mom, younger brother, and dog. She enjoys traveling in Europe and spending time at a summer house with her dad. She...

AY24 Irene

| Spain | Age 16 | Female | Interests: Scouts, Playing video games, gymnastics, rollerblading, drawing, reading Irene has a dream of experiencing a cultural exchange to improve her English and hopes to learn from life's challenges and joys. She describes herself as...

AY24 Monyrath

| Cambodia | Age 16 | Female | Interests: reading, cooking, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Cycling, Swimming Monyrath is very grateful for this opportunity to study in the USA because it is fulfilling her childhood dream. She describes herself as honest,...

What are the hosting requirements?

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Common Hosting Questions: 

Who can host? Host families come in all shapes and sizes – no “typical” family exists. Families with children or without, single parents, LGBTQ families, grandparents, and empty nesters can all be excellent hosts.

What are the responsibilities?Host families provide a bed, a place to study, three meals a day, and some transportation. Students have their own spending money and insurance.

How long do we host? BFF offers a variety of program lengths so that there are options to suit every family.

Why should I host? Hosting a foreign exchange student enables you to explore a new culture and language without leaving the comfort of your home. You’ll also develop a lasting relationship with your new “son” or “daughter”; once your student has returned home, you’ll have a friend from another part of the world.





Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information. Please provide us with your name, current residence area, and other relevant details. One of our BFF Support Team members will contact you soon.