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Hear from Kratika, who already has a family!

Amrou’s Story

“I believe that being a Foreign Exchange student is really out of the ordinary. It is something that takes a lot of willpower and effort. Therefore, many factors should come into play to nourish and contribute to the success of… Read more “Amrou’s Story”

Atiqua’s Story

Being a highschool student and traveling from your country to a country that you’ve only seen movies about, and live with a host family and experience their culture, may be perceived as daunting to some people. But what they need… Read more “Atiqua’s Story”

Mishal’s Story

I loved my time in the US and BFF made my time there more enjoyable and helped me to get comfortable in this foreign country. They were with me every step of the way, providing guidance, support and of course… Read more “Mishal’s Story”

Thibault’s Story

My name is Thibault, I am from Germany and I spent the schoolyear 2018-19 in the US with the help of the exchange student programm Borderless Friends Forever. I had an amazing time and great experiences. When I arrived I… Read more “Thibault’s Story”

Nafissa’s Story

I became part of the BFF family two years ago. When I first arrived in North Carolina, where I was hosted, I felt very welcomed from the airport where both my host family and the BFF staff were present. As… Read more “Nafissa’s Story”

Alessio’s Family

My biological children are grown and have moved out, leaving us with an “empty nest”.  So, when asked to host, we weren’t quite sure what the dynamics would be like… Read more “Alessio’s Family”

Pascal’s Family

We had the privilege of hosting Pascal for one semester and we can assure you, we loved having him live with us!  Even though it was only one semester, he will always… Read more “Pascal’s Family”

Cristobal’s Family

A little over a year ago, my husband and I decided to host an exchange student. When we first broached the subject we were a little hesitant and unsure of… Read more “Cristobal’s Family”